Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy New Year!

Dear World, 

Welcome to 2011! I know I am a bit late.... 18 days late.. but I will like to wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2011 is fantastic for us all! 

So how did you guys spend your Christmas and New Years? We went home for the holidays and did not want to come back. We had such a great time - I even made a video with all the pics I took. Home sweet home... that saying is so true and can be used in many different situations. 

Did you guys work on your New Years resolutions? I don't think in all my 28 years - I ever stuck to my resolutions for an entire month...much as an entire year. How good are you at keeping your resolutions?

I decided to write down just a few resolutions the other day and some of them include: 
1) Stick to my diet and eat healthy (uum most of the times!) 
2) Look into doing a business management course online or something of that nature
3) Spend less..save more!
4) Learn some Portuguese - it's about friggin time!
5) No gossiping... hahahaha uumm I'll try my best!!!

Okay so 5 simple ones... let's see how long I last! Notice I did not put one there about writing on my blog regularly etc. Let's face it - I've made that promise so many times and broken it each and every time... horrible.. I know! 

Well folks, hope you guys are having a great January so far. Where I am it's very hot and I am trying to deal with this heat but other than that I'm happy like pappy!

Tchau (see I'm learning already - that's bye!) 

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