Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Top 50 books I should read before I die

The last hub I wrote for hubpages was back in July 2010 ... and since then I kept writing down hubs I should work on and never got around to it ... until recently when I started thinking that I should be doing something more productive with my life on my off time instead of watching so much junk on television. I decided to make a list of the Top 100 books I should read before I die... then brought that down to the Top 50 books...lazy Leandra style :-) 

Anyways go check out my hub... maybe some of the novels will interest you! 

Well have a great day folks!

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Story of Stuff

I had homework to do this weekend - look at a video - The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard and come up with discussion questions for College Prep on Monday with the high school students. Well the video was very interesting and it is thought provoking. It definitely made me think about all the stuff I buy and if I really need them and the time, effort, energy put into producing these things and the negative effects on the environment and people etc. It's about a System in Crisis - the Materials Economy which involves a flawed linear system from Extraction, Production, Distribution, Consumption and finally to Disposal.

Take a look at the video

The students had a great discussion on this video ranging from some of them understanding the concepts and what Annie is trying to say to one student saying "She's high on drugs!" Ah, the young minds off today! 

Anyways so my view on this is that I understand where she is coming from, but I don't necessarily agree with all that she is saying. It's a good video to be used as a "Wake up call" to all of us who fall mainly in the CONSUMER category. It's food for thought for when next you are going to upgrade your electronics or dispose of something improperly and before it's lifespan is up! 

For a great review you can see here 

Annie Leonard’s “The Story of Stuff” review and analysis

Well enjoy and I hope we all learn a thing or two!
Have a great day everyone. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

In need of another holiday....or so I feel!

Oh boy, 

After having a fantastic vacation home for Christmas 2010, we came back to Brazil and I was happy to be home doing nothing, and then spending time in a hotel in Rio and riding the bus around Rio de Janeiro city center to Ipaema etc. Then reality set back in, and I had to start back my teaching thingy ... which I am not sure I told any of you about ... and after two weeks... I feel like I am in need of another holiday! 

These kids are very talkative this year and I am also next to a music classroom with little 4 year olds playing the drums.... can you imagine what that sounds like!! I am happy though ... being out of the house and spending time with some great kids...just can't help looking forward to Carnival time in March where I'll get the week off and could stay home and scratch my ..... you know what!

So I spent a lot of time back on webanswers and I am seeing my earnings starting to slowly increase once more. I have not written a thing on hubpages in months and I really need to get back to that...if you guys would like to suggest any topics for me to write about then that would be great! I could do with some ideas! 
I am really trying to manage my time better - even downloaded a "time management app" for my Christmas present - my iPod touch ... but I need to make time to read what it says :-) 

Well have a great weekend guys - I know I can't wait for it ... just to chill. Last weekend we went to Buzios for the entire day on Saturday and Sunday just flew on by.... so this weekend I just want to chill a bit. It's Carnival time in this country though so the streets are littered with people and music and loads of Brasilians trying to take in the sun on the beach before summer time comes to a halt .. it's already getting chilly here! 

Have a great day. 
Luv Lee 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Try Webanswers Today

Okay folks, 

I'm off to bed soon but I wanted to share this with you. If anyone is interested in earning money online - I would recommend Webanswers. It is fun, you get to help people, learn new things all the time and even get help if you want by simply asking questions and off course answering! I've been blogging about it for quite some time now and I earn money on a monthly basis that comes in pretty handy for all kinds of things - a nice dinner out, buying stuff from Amazon, and even paying for clothes online. So don't drag your feet. You can sign up by clicking on this WEBANSWERS link. Enjoy! 


Feeling Restless

I don't know what it is but today I am already feeling really restless. I know I have stuff to do around the apartment and I also have a book to read and make notes which I have been doing for the past week but I am really dragging my feet on this one. I don't know why I can't just focus myself and get down to business. It could be the heat, or just me being lazy no ass! 

Just to share - I am a huge fan of the casinos. I love to play the slot machines. Haven't won anything major as yet but when I went home for Christmas we visited the casino a couple of times and I had fun. However, in Brazil I am yet to enter a casino...or even see one for that matter. So I was being very idle the other day and I came across a website where I can just click away and play free slot machines online with the sounds and everything - mind you this is a HUGE time waster! But for a ten - fifteen minutes I don't mind ... that is if you can control yourself and not spend an hour in this virtual world. You can check it out at http://www.freeslots.com

Well have a great day folks. Hopefully I settle my ass down and get stuff done around here. 
Luv Lee 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy New Year!

Dear World, 

Welcome to 2011! I know I am a bit late.... 18 days late.. but I will like to wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2011 is fantastic for us all! 

So how did you guys spend your Christmas and New Years? We went home for the holidays and did not want to come back. We had such a great time - I even made a video with all the pics I took. Home sweet home... that saying is so true and can be used in many different situations. 

Did you guys work on your New Years resolutions? I don't think in all my 28 years - I ever stuck to my resolutions for an entire month...much as an entire year. How good are you at keeping your resolutions?

I decided to write down just a few resolutions the other day and some of them include: 
1) Stick to my diet and eat healthy (uum most of the times!) 
2) Look into doing a business management course online or something of that nature
3) Spend less..save more!
4) Learn some Portuguese - it's about friggin time!
5) No gossiping... hahahaha uumm I'll try my best!!!

Okay so 5 simple ones... let's see how long I last! Notice I did not put one there about writing on my blog regularly etc. Let's face it - I've made that promise so many times and broken it each and every time... horrible.. I know! 

Well folks, hope you guys are having a great January so far. Where I am it's very hot and I am trying to deal with this heat but other than that I'm happy like pappy!

Tchau (see I'm learning already - that's bye!) 

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