Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Micah Turns 5!

And just like that ... I have a 5 year old son. It feels like just the other day he was only one day old.. then three years and now my gosh.. I am the mother of a five year old active and wonderful boy! I've never done this before but I've decided to write about his 5th birthday party. A lot of planning and work went into it and it turned out to be a great party with the kids having so much fun. So here goes.

Micah decided that for his fifth birthday party he wanted a Spider-Man pool party in Trinidad & Tobago. We were going to be in Trinidad for school vacation so he would get to spend time with his family and friends. So once I got the theme I started planning. I bought all the stuff in Houston from Party city and I did my creative stuff and made personalized things for the party. I designed his party invite with input from his daddy, I made personalized party favor bags with each kid name cut out from spider-man paper I got from Michael's. I designed water bottle labels and the thing I'm most proud of is the covering of the number 5 I got from Hobby Lobby with spider-man paper. I used mod podge and then I painted it. These were just my little contributions to the party to make add a special touch. The birthday boy picked out his birthday cake and cake pops which I ordered months in advance. I booked a fantastic photographer and asked my brother to use his house as the venue for the party. Things were all organized.

As usual there was a lot of stress leading up to the party. Tension with family, issues with the rain and general tiredness and anxiety, especially since my husband was not around to help me. He was busy micro managing from Houston! Ha!

On the day of the party, the weather forecast was rain! rain! rain. Nothing new.. on our wedding day it poured so much that I thought it was going to be a disaster but it turned out fine and eight years later we are still happily married... so bring on the rain! Blessings for my son on his 5th birthday! It ended up turning out fantastic. The rain stopped and held up for the party which I am thankful for. The kids all had a ball. I even wore a Spider-Man dress which I got sewn in Trinidad. And the most fun party was Spider-Man even made an appearance at the party. Mom win! :)

See some pictures below and if anyone wants help planning a birthday party or ideas just contact me via this blog post and I will be happy to help.

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