Friday, March 14, 2014


As you might know by now, I have a toddler. And we love him so much. Over the years I've become a homebody, mainly stemming from Brazil and then following through in Houston. Well this week I decided to change that and start finally making new friends up here and not just relying on my friends back home. After all, those back home can only contact me via the many social outlets. So I bravely took up an invitation and took my son on not one but two play dates this week. Back to back! One day we spent some time with a really fantastic girl and her son. It was so nice talking to another adult who's not my husband! And a girl at that! She was really nice and made me feel so comfortable and shared so much with me. Inspired, I took up another invitation and went out the next evening to meet up with not one but about seven other mothers and their nine kids. What fun!! It was so good to see my son interacting with other kids - kind of! Well now that I've gotten a taste of the "outside" world, I can't wait for next week for our next play date! YAY me! :-) I am only doing this for our son, otherwise I think I would have continued just staying indoors and you know what, I would have missed out on meeting so many lovely gals! I can't wait for when I have to carry him to football practice and swimming etc. I would love to be a "soccer mom" :) 

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