Friday, August 23, 2013

Laugh for the day

Hello World,

I came across this and thought I'd share it just to give you guys a laugh. I think it's hilarious. I got it from facebook a while back but unfortunately I did not save the source. My apologies. Okay time to laugh! Enjoy

Okay Okay I know it's simple but I think it's hilarious!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

America...Environmentally Conscious?

I spent all morning trying to clean our apartment in anticipation of a friend visiting. With a baby in the house that's not such an easy task ... not to mention all the baby stuff around the house. So much garbage accumulates it's not even funny. However, my mind wanders to the paper trash that accumulates. It makes me wonder - is America really that environmentally conscious? I know as a developed country they are always looking at developing countries and their environmental standards but I think they should look within their own lands first. The burden should not be placed on developing countries. So what exactly am I referring to? 

Well as you may know - this is a consumer country. Everything you can imagine is available at the tip of your finger. Most stores have fully functioning websites with all their merchandise just a click away from being purchased. Yet, almost on a daily basis our physical mail box (not internet email) is filled with flyers, pamphlets and booklets from stores advertising their merchandise on sale. Mind you - every other day there is a sale here. So why is it necessary for the grocery stores and clothing stores etc to send constant reminders whilst using up valuable paper and not to mention ink etc. So much waste. So much paper just being thrown away for what reason? A total waste of time, energy and not to mention trees. Come on people, in this day an age - no need for so much advertising using valuable paper. Just show it on tv or put it on your website or just bombard people with emails. 

Okay the baby is calling. Got to go. 

Monday, April 1, 2013


Happy Easter everyone. Hope you guys had a great Easter. I know Trini's for one would have enjoyed their long weekend! Lucky! In Trinidad, Easter weekend is always a long weekend with the Holy Friday and Easter Monday being holidays. Whereas, in the USA - no holiday whatsoever! So as you can imagine, Trinis make full use of the long weekend and it's always a great time spent with family and friends. Well our weekend wasn't so bad even though no holiday. I didn't get any Easter Eggs though. I sincerely hope that next year we will be all settled in back home in Trinidad and enjoying Easter with everyone else. But in the meantime, thank you God for all we have.

Good night folks. I'm off to read!

Luv Lee

Friday, March 22, 2013


I am totally obsessed with Shutterfly, especially since we had our son. I am always on that website uploading photos and making photobooks when I get the time. For Christmas I ordered a ton of calendars from them as presents and everyone loved it! I got instant requests for that next year! I made each one individualised to the person receiving them. But mind you - I did get jokes about giving everyone a calendar! Typical Trinis though - love it but still need to harass me about it!

Anyways, I am presently working on yet another photobook for our son. I think it's an obsession now and I really need to try and stop - maybe after his first birthday. I thought I'd blog about Shutterfly in case someone stumbles onto this post and has never heard of this wonderful site! You can do so many things with photos on it and make really great gifts. Oh and they are forever offering discounts and specials. I just wish I could get a $20 off right about now because I have this really great book I worked on but waiting to order cause it's really big and costing a bit much.

Also I think the company Shutterfly is a great one. I am a fan of the Ellen DeGeneres show and on it Ellen is forever giving away money to people in need an lately the money has been donated by Shutterfly. So they are very charitable as well.

Anyways enough about that. I'm off to order a free 8x8 book that I am getting :-)

Have a great day ppl.
Luv Lee

Monday, March 18, 2013

One Year Later

I am writing this post one year and ten days after my last post on my blog. I know. Seems like I've been very busy. So let's see, how do I condense one year of events into a few sentences so that I can simply bring you guys up to date?

Well, I am now a happy mother to a handsome happy little 8 month old baby boy. Yes! I'm a mom now! A whole new world of adventures. We no longer live in Brazil and even though I was so desperate to leave that Portuguese land... suffering from the 'greener pastures syndrome', I now somewhat regret ever leaving. We are now in Houston, Texas and my oh my, we can't wait to get back to sweet Trinidad & Tobago. Island life is definitely better than anything else. Okay so there you go - you are all updated!

I decided that I would like to get back to blogging whenever my son gives me the chance to go by my computer for more than five minutes.

Well world, I do hope all of you are doing okay. Life has had its up's and down's and right now I am praying to St. Jude for more ups than downs. Take care and hope to write soon!


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