Friday, March 22, 2013


I am totally obsessed with Shutterfly, especially since we had our son. I am always on that website uploading photos and making photobooks when I get the time. For Christmas I ordered a ton of calendars from them as presents and everyone loved it! I got instant requests for that next year! I made each one individualised to the person receiving them. But mind you - I did get jokes about giving everyone a calendar! Typical Trinis though - love it but still need to harass me about it!

Anyways, I am presently working on yet another photobook for our son. I think it's an obsession now and I really need to try and stop - maybe after his first birthday. I thought I'd blog about Shutterfly in case someone stumbles onto this post and has never heard of this wonderful site! You can do so many things with photos on it and make really great gifts. Oh and they are forever offering discounts and specials. I just wish I could get a $20 off right about now because I have this really great book I worked on but waiting to order cause it's really big and costing a bit much.

Also I think the company Shutterfly is a great one. I am a fan of the Ellen DeGeneres show and on it Ellen is forever giving away money to people in need an lately the money has been donated by Shutterfly. So they are very charitable as well.

Anyways enough about that. I'm off to order a free 8x8 book that I am getting :-)

Have a great day ppl.
Luv Lee

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