Monday, March 18, 2013

One Year Later

I am writing this post one year and ten days after my last post on my blog. I know. Seems like I've been very busy. So let's see, how do I condense one year of events into a few sentences so that I can simply bring you guys up to date?

Well, I am now a happy mother to a handsome happy little 8 month old baby boy. Yes! I'm a mom now! A whole new world of adventures. We no longer live in Brazil and even though I was so desperate to leave that Portuguese land... suffering from the 'greener pastures syndrome', I now somewhat regret ever leaving. We are now in Houston, Texas and my oh my, we can't wait to get back to sweet Trinidad & Tobago. Island life is definitely better than anything else. Okay so there you go - you are all updated!

I decided that I would like to get back to blogging whenever my son gives me the chance to go by my computer for more than five minutes.

Well world, I do hope all of you are doing okay. Life has had its up's and down's and right now I am praying to St. Jude for more ups than downs. Take care and hope to write soon!


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