Saturday, March 20, 2010

What do you call a man who is in his 40's and dates a woman in her twenties or younger?

Good Day Everybody, 

How are you guys today, on this fine sunny Saturday morning? You may notice the title of this blog post "What do you call a man who is in his 40's and dates a woman in her twenties or younger?" Well this is a question I posted one day on webanswers just out of curiosity after I think watching Cougar Town with Courtney Cox on television. There is the term Cougar for women who do this - women in their 40's who date men 10 year younger or even more than that. So I was wondering, what do they call men? Lucky? :-) 

I got responses like Sugar Daddy and Pedophile, and also that it is a social norm that's been around for so long that there's no tag for it, unlike "Cougar". 

So you guys out there, is there such a term? If not, why don't we come up with one?

Well I'm off to go enjoy this fine Saturday morning.

Have a good day,


Thursday, March 18, 2010

A slow start today! Oh my gosh is that the time?

Hey folks, 

What have you guys been up to today? For some reason I got up early this morning even though I really wanted to sleep in late. I always get up when my husband's alarm goes off for him to get up and get his butt to work. And then that's it for my sleep. On rare occasions (oh gosh too rare!) I actually fall back asleep but imagine that - I have the chance to sleep in late which many people would love to do but I can't / don't :-( 

Yesterday I had an incrediable day but I am not ready to share the details yet - don't want to jinx what might happen in the future. Only my hubby, my friend Marcille and one of my Brazilian friends knows what I did yesterday but don't worry.. this is about Leandraluv ... Life's Moments so when I am ready to share the details I will - I promise.. I just don't want to jinx anything just yet. 

Well I got a late start today. I always check my email when I get up and then I got a phone call from someone needing my help with some information and there one and a half hours later I was sending that information out and then I had to take in a little television and you know how it goes. There are many little distractions in life aren't there? Things that make us procrastinate.

I must say my obsession with webanswers, yousaytoo, hubpages, blogging, checking my adsense earnings and looking to see if I get new emails are very distracting! I need to maybe hide my computer and only check it at intervals. Yeah right! Who are we kidding. Oh please! That isn't going to happen! Some people are addicted to cigarettes and alcohol.. well this is my addiction - my computer and it's many distractions! See right now I am supposed to be attending to other tasks on my to do list and here I am updating my blog. 

Well folks hope you guys have a great day and I would love to hear from you - so dammit leave a comment or email me or something! I need something else to distract me.. why don't you do it? :-) 

Luv Lee 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Some time ago I added a feature to my blog page - FeedJit and it shows me which countries my blog visitors are coming from on a daily basis. Now, I don't think that my blog gets a lot of site traffic and it definitely doesn't get visitors that click on the google ads so I am assuming that the people who visit my blog either come to check it out for the first time or for the regulars - they like to come and read what I am writing. This makes me very happy! I've give up on the idea of my blog being an earner for me with google adsense and even amazon (I've never gotten not even one click with amazon) but I've come to love blogging. I really do enjoy it and one day a friend told me he think's he has to go to rehab and I was like what? Why? What happened... and he said, "I'm addicted to your blog". Now that mean the world to me and I will continue to write on my blog even if it means I only have one person who keeps coming back to read what I am writing. Thank you for that. 

Now I did a little something using the information from Feedjit and I the map that is generate and I used my scrapbooking/photo editing program to fix it up a bit, so that I can share with you. I am so happy to have people from all over the world visiting my blog. Today alone I had visitors from all over the United States, some from Trinidad and Tobago (thanks guys!), Brazil, United Kingdom, India, Australia, South Korea, Ireland, Pakistan, Barbados, France, Nigeria, New Zealand, the European Union and Bangladesh. Now this makes me so unbelievably happy. Even though it might just be one person from here and there - it means the world to me! And it's not like I am making money off of my blog - it's just an incredible feeling to know that people from all over the world are visiting for a moment. I consider that one of Life's Moments! So a heartfelt thank you is in order. Thank you all :-) 

Look at the map! 

I know it's a bit fuzzy but I hope you guys get the general idea. Okay so the map is small but what you can do is click on it and it will enlarge and you'd get to see all the flags and countries!

Have a great day! Oh and one other thing - I love to read comments so you can either comment on a posting or leave a comment on the box to the right! Scroll you'll see it!! I would love to hear from you guys :-) Please?

Isn't this world a wonderful place? And the internet - a powerful tool?

Tiger Woods to return to golf at Masters -

Tiger Woods will be returning to Golf at Masters - so says CNN! Yippie!

Okay so sex has gotten a lot of people in trouble in the past. And then it happened to Tiger Woods! Oh no! Well guys I am happy to hear that Tiger will be returning to golf in April. Okay so he had affairs and what not. I am not condoning what he did, I just think it was none of my business and I found the public to be very judgmental. Okay, so Tiger did 'screw' up big time - no pun intended, but is it really any of our business to slander his reputation to the point that he quits his career? No!

He is a talented golf player and his personal screw ups (gosh I keep using that word!) should not prevent him from doing what he does best - no people.. not have sex but play Golf!!

Anyways golf superstar Tiger Woods, according to CNN will make his return to the sport in April at the Masters Tournament. This is after he was sidelined by the sordid sex scandal stuff. Tiger made this announcing of his eminent return to golf on Tuesday 16th March, 2010 - oh there I go again - that's today people!

I don't want to plagiarize CNN's article so go check it out yourself! 
Tiger Woods to return to golf at Masters -

Have a great day people - no Screw ups k? :-)
Just Kidding,
Luv Lee

Monday, March 15, 2010

BBC Sport - Football - David Beckham set to miss World Cup with injury

BBC Sport - Football - David Beckham set to miss World Cup with injury

Oh no!! I hope he recovers really, really fast cause this fine piece of body deserves to be in the World Cup for us to look at :-)

Come on David!

I got to see David Beckham play when his team - England played my home national team and gosh they beat us bad! David looked great then. I actually have some photos of him but I will need to look through my computer and see what I can find. Maybe I'll add them tomorrow.

Okay so if you read the article you'd see that David Beckham injured himself and has to undergo surgery. :-(

Good luck Beckham! I want to see you in the world cup!

Random Thoughts and Ramblings!

It's Monday morning! I know some people are happy to be get the week started of right, some are hoping the week flies quickly so the weekend will once again come around again and some are just plain depressed it's Monday! Well me? I got up this morning in pain.. my kidney stone seems to have resurfaced and has been causing me pain all morning. Thank goodness I have the painkillers just wish they were a wee bit stronger. Who knew such an infinitesimal stone could cause such pain!

So hope you guys had a great weekend. I know I did! Saturday we went to Buzios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to one of its many beaches - our favorite - Ferradurinha! This photo is copyrighted to me! We had a fantabulous time! We also went shopping and I got great presents! A lovely dress and jewelry. Sunday was a relaxing day with a bike ride in the evening. 

I learnt some great new adjectives thanks to ladies who responded to my Adjectives article and added some really unique adjectives! For those of you who have not checked it out as yet - please do! We can all stand to learn something new! 

Okay so right now I am watching a funny show on television - Nothing to Lose (old movie with Martin Lawrence and Tim Robbins so I'll cut this post short! Maybe I'll ramble some more later but right now I am just wallowing in my own pain. Pathetic I know! I am indubitably making a humongous deal about this but so what? :-) 

Have a great day guys!

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