Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I joined twitter a long time ago but only started tweeting when a friend of mine encouraged me to. I hardly tweet but I think maybe I should get more into it. Just another thing to waste time :-) You can find me on twitter @Leandraluv I think! See I don't even know how to properly use the darn thing. Anyways people keep in touch. It's a new year HAPPY NEW YEAR. All the best for the upcoming year.. at least the next 10 months that are left. Geez time flying so fast. Just now will be my son's two year birthday. Time sure does fly. And oh year I'll be getting older like everyone else. Somehow it's not so exciting looking forward to a birthday when it's in your 30's. Maybe I should embrace it and change my thinking. Okay back to child rearing. Have a good day people

I took that photo in Micah's doctor office. I rotated it but not sure why it showing up there. Oh well turn your head and read it.


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