Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our Attempt at doing ART!

Okay, so this I decided to share with you all. Yesterday my husband and I decided to try our hands at painting. We bought the the paints the week before because I wanted to try and do something different and remembered how much I use to enjoy my art classes when I was in secondary school. Off course I did not have talent especially compared to some of the students in my class but I found I was okay .. ish :-) 

Anyways so whilst we were painting I was laughed at many times.... horrible I know .... and here I thought I'd definitely be better than my husband at this! 

Well here's what we came up with. 

My husband's work of "art" 

My work of "art" 

I will love to hear your comments :-) Please keep in mind the brushes we were using were not very good ones... we will try and get better ones today!

I hope our "art" put a smile on your face! 

Picture a friend referred me to!

Hey Guys, 

Good morning. I just wanted to share this with you. A friend of mine sent me to this I thought I'd share it here .. its called the GOOD WIFE GUIDE! 


Thanks Marcille!!! Very funny :-) 

Friday, January 22, 2010

Do you like my scrapbooked banner at the top?

Hey guys, 

I meant to ask you .. do you like the banner at the top? I scrapbooked it using free kits I downloaded online
from various of my favorite scrapbooking websites. I'll put links to them at another time so if any of you are interested you can check it out. Just wanted to know if you like it. I enjoyed working on it and it makes me smile every time I log onto my blog. 

Have a nice day!

I'm a little busy right now.. sorry!

Okay so now that I've finally gotten into blogging, I don't want to not stick with it. Today I planned to do a nice writeup which I will do later. I promise. I'm just a little bit busy right now - have to cook lunch cause my husband is coming home for lunch and I also need to tidy up a little bit and put clothes in the washing machine (which is my new toy) :-) So let me get to it - I know! I know ... the joys of a HOUSEWIFE right? 
Oh wait .. I just got a phone call... we're going out for lunch! Yippie.. :-) 

So now I've got to go get ready! 
Leandraluv :-) 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scrapbooking Titbits

Before I go to bed I thought I'd share this with you. It's an article which I wrote and well I think it's interesting to those of you who are interested in Digital Scrapbooking. 
Hope you enjoy it. It basically has links to websites and an example of something I scrapped.

In the near future I'll put up more on scrapbooking since it is one of my hobbies :-) Have a good night and thanks for visiting my blog! Goodnight or should I say "Boa Noite". Leandraluv

The Beginning of my BLOGGING


I only realized today that I had a blogger account which I signed up in 2008 but never used. So I am about to change that. I decided I'm going to start blogging from today! What am I going to blog about? Oh... I don't know - just about life's moments .. like what I did today, place's I've traveled to and loved. I'd share photographs with you if you like and maybe I'll even post current events that are of interest. I am not too sure yet how this blog is going to turn out but I promise to try and make it fun and interesting to read :-) 

Okay, now I need to go fix the layout of my blog and make sure its pretty!

Talk to you soon. 

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