Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh! My bad!

Ever since I got my kidney stone - Stardust - I decided I'd write a hub for Hubpages based on the information I read about kidney stones. Being a usual procrastinator I only got around to writing the hub yesterday because silly me..I wanted to write the article before World Kidney Day - March 11th. Also, March is National Kidney Month and I thought what a coincidence! I got my kidney stone in the National Kidney Month!

Well I spent some time yesterday writing about Kidney Stones just providing some information on it. Nothing to technical or laced with medical terms. Just some simple notes on Kidney Stones. I was under the impression it was the 10th March and I'd have completed the article in time for World Kidney Day! You know it's only this morning I realized it was the 12th March. I felt absolutely silly but oh well. These things happen right? Oh and today is my best friend birthday and also it is 7 years since my now husband and I started dating!

So go read up on kidney stones. This morning I wrote another article on Earn Money Online on WebAnswers through Google Adsense. If you are interested in earning money online you can check it out.
I am loving using WebAnswers. I earn a little revenue and I have lots of fun! Oh and while you are on hubpages checking out my articles check out the one on Adjectives please!!!

Well I have to go now. Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Do you see the banner at the top of my blog page that says Dinewithoutwhine?

Well this is a menu planning service - to put it simply because it really is so much more - for those of you who are really busy and when you get home you don't have a clue as to what to cook or buy in the grocery. For a very small fee every month Dinewithoutwhine plans your meals for you everyday and also provides a grocery list to go with the menus. This service is not only for people who are really too busy but it's also for those of us who just don't know what to cook today! 

You can check out the site and look at a sample menu for a week and the grocery list just to get an idea of what it is about. 

To me, the people behind Dinewithoutwhine are really trying to get families to go back to the old time days when eating dinner as a family was important. Where everyone gathered around the table and discussed what happened in their lives today and shared moments together. Nowadays, work hours have been extended, television has become the focus of dinner time - where instead of eating as a family we now sit in front the television while we gobble down our dinner, and kids are now too caught up in other things like chatting on the phone, internet, and the millions of electronic gadjects that are around to keep them busy. No one pays attention to just simply sitting down for half an hour, over a great home cooked meal and catching up with loved ones. Check out this Family Dinner Video and you'll see what I am speaking about. 

You can click on the banner and it will take you straight to dinewithoutwhine website and trust me - you'll love it! 

Have a great day today everybody!

Monday, March 8, 2010

International Women's Day: Equal "rights, equal opportunities: Progress for all."

Today Monday 8th March, 2010 is International Women's Day (IWD) so I just wanted to say 'Happy International Women's Day' to all you ladies out there! 

Okay so what is International Women's Day about? According to the International Women's Day website International Women's Day (March 8th) is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. The site further notes in some places like China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria, International Women's Day is a national holiday. What is interesting is that the first IWD was in 1911, so next year will make it a Global Centenary.

Is there anything special that takes place today to honor IWD? 

I also found this interesting article on the International Women's Day website where a poll was done and 1 in 4 people voted that YES a woman's place is in the home. You can read the full article "Is a woman's place in the home? 1 in 4 say yes poll". This was a survey that was done in 23 countries with over 24,000 adults. According to the article the results showed that, "people from India (54 percent), Turkey (52 percent), Japan (48 percent), China, Russia, Hungary (34 percent each) and South Korea (33 percent) were most likely to agree that women should not work". Surprisingly it was young adults that voted this way and not the older, more traditional folks who you would expect to have this train of thought. On the bright side, 75 percent of the surveyed adults believed that the woman's place is definitely not at home. 

I am a housewife by circumstance at the moment and it's a choice that I made. I believe that a woman has the right to decide for herself whether she will like to stay at home or work. Many women do both - have a career and run their household. I don't believe however that 'a woman's place is at home'. That's just my opinion. 

You can also check out this Huffington Post article for links to videos around the world highlighting IWD if you are interested. 

Have a great day all!

Fishy Smell.. Boy that reeks!

Well yesterday we decided to have fried fish in the evening. We were so excited, we got fish from the grocery .. fresh not frozen. I came home, cleaned the fish - scaled it etc. We seasoned the hell out of it and when it is was fried.. My gosh! Terrible! It still smelled fresh even though I soaked it in lime water with flour to kill the fresh....

Well in the end the fish had too many bones, smelled fresh so needed plenty of lime and was not good at all. We made a bad choice when picking the fish! I'll stick to salmon yes.. I wish there was shark here.. yummy!

Now for the worst part.. the fish smell in the kitchen. Oh it reeks! And we cooked this after cleaning the apartment and kitchen so now I have to clean it again. I cleaned the stove already and scrubbed down the counter top by the sink.. now for the floors. Oh, I guess this is just one of live's moments..

Have a great Monday all!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bollywood on Ice!

The US figure skating team performed this routine at the Vancouver Winter Olympics and won Silver. 

Check out this video. I found their movements were very sleek - they really did make it look all effortless! I enjoyed this. Have a good night all. Leandraluv

Sea blast!

Well today is Sunday which is our rest/fun day but we have no choice.. we have to clean the apartment today! I cleaned on Tuesday - swept and mopped the whole apartment as well and then I had the whole kidney stone fiasco on Wednesday and would you believe by Friday the floors in the entire apartment were sticky and wet .. thanks to SEA BLAST! Gosh.. what a pain. I was supposed to clean up a bit yesterday but we ended up going out for the entire day so now I am just procrastinating a little bit before getting started!

So what's for Sunday Lunch today guys? Maybe you can give me an idea of what we can cook today. I had a delicious dish from Peru yesterday by a Peruvian friend which I definitely want to try and make. Its called Ceviche/Seviche (or also spelt Cebiche) and it's raw fish marinated in lemon/lime juice with salt, chilies, onions and garlic. It was delicious! And it was served with sweet potato which I realized I really liked! It was nice learning about something new that tastes so great.

Okay enough procrastination. Let me get cracking so I can laze around for the rest of the day :-) and then we can go riding or something. Did I mention that my hubby also got himself a bicycle so we can ride together? Yep! What fun!

Have a wonderful Sunday and let me know about lunch k?
Luv Lee

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