Monday, March 8, 2010

Fishy Smell.. Boy that reeks!

Well yesterday we decided to have fried fish in the evening. We were so excited, we got fish from the grocery .. fresh not frozen. I came home, cleaned the fish - scaled it etc. We seasoned the hell out of it and when it is was fried.. My gosh! Terrible! It still smelled fresh even though I soaked it in lime water with flour to kill the fresh....

Well in the end the fish had too many bones, smelled fresh so needed plenty of lime and was not good at all. We made a bad choice when picking the fish! I'll stick to salmon yes.. I wish there was shark here.. yummy!

Now for the worst part.. the fish smell in the kitchen. Oh it reeks! And we cooked this after cleaning the apartment and kitchen so now I have to clean it again. I cleaned the stove already and scrubbed down the counter top by the sink.. now for the floors. Oh, I guess this is just one of live's moments..

Have a great Monday all!

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