Thursday, May 9, 2013

America...Environmentally Conscious?

I spent all morning trying to clean our apartment in anticipation of a friend visiting. With a baby in the house that's not such an easy task ... not to mention all the baby stuff around the house. So much garbage accumulates it's not even funny. However, my mind wanders to the paper trash that accumulates. It makes me wonder - is America really that environmentally conscious? I know as a developed country they are always looking at developing countries and their environmental standards but I think they should look within their own lands first. The burden should not be placed on developing countries. So what exactly am I referring to? 

Well as you may know - this is a consumer country. Everything you can imagine is available at the tip of your finger. Most stores have fully functioning websites with all their merchandise just a click away from being purchased. Yet, almost on a daily basis our physical mail box (not internet email) is filled with flyers, pamphlets and booklets from stores advertising their merchandise on sale. Mind you - every other day there is a sale here. So why is it necessary for the grocery stores and clothing stores etc to send constant reminders whilst using up valuable paper and not to mention ink etc. So much waste. So much paper just being thrown away for what reason? A total waste of time, energy and not to mention trees. Come on people, in this day an age - no need for so much advertising using valuable paper. Just show it on tv or put it on your website or just bombard people with emails. 

Okay the baby is calling. Got to go. 

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