Friday, June 4, 2010

Elephant Parade in London

I just published another hub on hubpages have many months of not hubbing. This hub is about the Elephant Parade in London which is a very cool event aimed at raising awareness to help protect the Asian Elephants who are facing extinction due to habitat destruction. Go take a read at and at the end of it you can also sign the petition to help Governments to take action and save this amazing creatures. This will only take less than three minutes of your time and you'd be doing something really good for the environment! As humans we are already destroying so much of nature such as what is happening right now with the major BP oil spill. So while they are working on solving this crisis and trying to save the many animals, you can do your part and sign a petition to help the charity group who are working hard to save the Asian elephants - "The Elephant Family". I really like what I read about their work. 

Okay I'll shut up now and let you head on over and read the hub at Enjoy! 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gabrielle Anwar - Burn Notice

Thought I'd add this as well for you male fans of Burn Notice out there - it's Fiona Glenanne played by Gabrielle Anwar. She's hot! She looks all fashionista on the show but she's a force to be reckoned with. She's the 'shoot first, ask questions later' type of gal and she has a dangerous but enticing nature. What I mean is she looks plain sexy in everything that she does on the show. I just wish Michael would come to his senses and marry her! 

Enjoy the pictures of her. I got them from USA's website

Oh and here's a bonus pic from this website


Burn Notice - Sexy Man Michael Westen

Yes I wrote about "does sex sell" and well I know it does. On yousaytoo that blog post got rated a 10 so far (well the rating can go up as long as people click on 'rate it' - so I don't mean 10/10). Anyways all my other recent postings did not get any 'rating' clicks but that posting did. Anyways so now I had a hard time thinking of who to put as my SEXY MAN posting today so I decided to go with Michael Westen from Burn Notice. 

I am a fan of the USA network serious - Burn Notice and tonight is Season 4 premiere so Michael's face as been on the USA channel all day today. He is sexy too bad and so is his co-star Fiona! I love the sexual chemistry between the two of them and I love the episodes when they kick ass together, kiss and have a little romp here and there! See.. I'm sold with the sex.. Gosh! 

That show has a nice cast though - not only Michael and Fioni but Sam and Michael's mom Madeline. Okay so the real name of these stars in consecutive order are Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell and Sharon Gless. But today we are focussing on the sexy man himself - Jeffrey Donovan. 

So check out the photos which I got from

Check out the site for more information and don't miss the Season premiere tonight! Okay now for the photos!

As you can see... the man rocks a suit and sun glasses!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Does SEX sell?

I came across an interesting question on webanswers today that was asking "Does Sex Sell" and my response was Yes it does. Now the people responding had a very nice discussion about it and the truth of it all is that the people making money online and elsewhere today - make a lot from sites associated with sexual or sexy content. Blogs with pictures of sexy men and women do much better than uuum let's say - this blog! 

So we were having a nice chat about maybe we should all change the content of our blogs and start focusing on the stuff that sells - SEX content! But well I know I was only kidding - I am too scared to do that. I am sure google will have a problem (or maybe they might not) - who knows? Anyways so since this blog does not make money - let's face it guys - none of you ever bought anything from Amazon from seeing it advertising on this blog or even looked at something Google was trying to sell. Now the ads that are displayed by google are based on the site content.. so without sexual content - no sex related ads. Get it? Then that means not as much revenue as the blogs with just pictures and no site content or articles etc. Anyways since right now I am concentrating on my course work assignments and not paying attention to hubpages, webanswers and my blogging I decided to try and put up a little something Sexy to kick things off.. and want's sexy right now? Kim Kardashian of course! I absolutely love her - she's gorgeous. Oh to have a body and face like that! Damn but that girl is overly blessed. 
Anyways so enjoy this video from youtube. I decided to go with Kim because since I'm in the USA at the moment I'm catching up on some of the episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Now for you ladies out there.. tomorrow I'll feature a sexy man of my choice (still undecided). 


Nothing to Blog About

Okay guys

So right now my head is spinning. I am trying to pump out as many TESOL assignments as I can and on top of that the tv is really distracting me. I'm in a hotel right now and I'm enjoying it - the cleaning service, the food and the television :-) Oh and the fast internet which has me most distracted as well. Our internet connection in Brazil is soo slow that sometimes I feel it might be faster for me to send a letter in the post!

Well I am not sure what to blog about these days but if you guys will like to hear about something particular or want me to write about something let me know and I'll see to it.

World Cup is fast approaching so that's another set of distractions!! 

Have a great day!

Monday, May 31, 2010

I recently heard this song even though it's been around a while and I love the beat! It's a nice song and the video is awesome. Really beautiful.


The 2010 FIFA World Cup ... only 10 days away

Check this out. Thanks for posting it on Facebook Marcille - that's where I saw it. 

If you want to get in the spirit and catch the World Cup fever then you should check out the songs 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa THEME SONGS 
It will definitely get you in the World Cup mood!
Have a great day!

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