Thursday, June 3, 2010

Burn Notice - Sexy Man Michael Westen

Yes I wrote about "does sex sell" and well I know it does. On yousaytoo that blog post got rated a 10 so far (well the rating can go up as long as people click on 'rate it' - so I don't mean 10/10). Anyways all my other recent postings did not get any 'rating' clicks but that posting did. Anyways so now I had a hard time thinking of who to put as my SEXY MAN posting today so I decided to go with Michael Westen from Burn Notice. 

I am a fan of the USA network serious - Burn Notice and tonight is Season 4 premiere so Michael's face as been on the USA channel all day today. He is sexy too bad and so is his co-star Fiona! I love the sexual chemistry between the two of them and I love the episodes when they kick ass together, kiss and have a little romp here and there! See.. I'm sold with the sex.. Gosh! 

That show has a nice cast though - not only Michael and Fioni but Sam and Michael's mom Madeline. Okay so the real name of these stars in consecutive order are Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell and Sharon Gless. But today we are focussing on the sexy man himself - Jeffrey Donovan. 

So check out the photos which I got from

Check out the site for more information and don't miss the Season premiere tonight! Okay now for the photos!

As you can see... the man rocks a suit and sun glasses!


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