Friday, June 4, 2010

Elephant Parade in London

I just published another hub on hubpages have many months of not hubbing. This hub is about the Elephant Parade in London which is a very cool event aimed at raising awareness to help protect the Asian Elephants who are facing extinction due to habitat destruction. Go take a read at and at the end of it you can also sign the petition to help Governments to take action and save this amazing creatures. This will only take less than three minutes of your time and you'd be doing something really good for the environment! As humans we are already destroying so much of nature such as what is happening right now with the major BP oil spill. So while they are working on solving this crisis and trying to save the many animals, you can do your part and sign a petition to help the charity group who are working hard to save the Asian elephants - "The Elephant Family". I really like what I read about their work. 

Okay I'll shut up now and let you head on over and read the hub at Enjoy! 

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nadie said...

Oh thanks Lee for getting more of us aware of the plight of the elephants! I’ve logged on and signed the petition! I plan to go to the Elephant store, make a donation and buy a miniature elephant . They put a smile on my face every time I see them around London…but it was good for us to learn what they actually stand for!

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