Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Does SEX sell?

I came across an interesting question on webanswers today that was asking "Does Sex Sell" and my response was Yes it does. Now the people responding had a very nice discussion about it and the truth of it all is that the people making money online and elsewhere today - make a lot from sites associated with sexual or sexy content. Blogs with pictures of sexy men and women do much better than uuum let's say - this blog! 

So we were having a nice chat about maybe we should all change the content of our blogs and start focusing on the stuff that sells - SEX content! But well I know I was only kidding - I am too scared to do that. I am sure google will have a problem (or maybe they might not) - who knows? Anyways so since this blog does not make money - let's face it guys - none of you ever bought anything from Amazon from seeing it advertising on this blog or even looked at something Google was trying to sell. Now the ads that are displayed by google are based on the site content.. so without sexual content - no sex related ads. Get it? Then that means not as much revenue as the blogs with just pictures and no site content or articles etc. Anyways since right now I am concentrating on my course work assignments and not paying attention to hubpages, webanswers and my blogging I decided to try and put up a little something Sexy to kick things off.. and want's sexy right now? Kim Kardashian of course! I absolutely love her - she's gorgeous. Oh to have a body and face like that! Damn but that girl is overly blessed. 
Anyways so enjoy this video from youtube. I decided to go with Kim because since I'm in the USA at the moment I'm catching up on some of the episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Now for you ladies out there.. tomorrow I'll feature a sexy man of my choice (still undecided). 


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