Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm very sad

Whilst we were dating my husband (boyfriend at the time) went through several periods when we had to be apart, like when he was doing his masters or when he had to travel for work. These periods spanned from 7 months to sometimes two months or two weeks. We handled these periods apart pretty good. We made sure and spoke everyday even though sometimes it was really expensive. I know now there's Skype etc but sometimes we only get to talk on the go not when one was home at the available time etc.

Now we are going to be apart for an entire month and I am not dealing with this very well... actually neither is he... we are both sad right now because I leave tomorrow and he leaves the next day. I must say I am also not looking forward to that long a** flight as well as the four hour road trip to get to the airport. Yay me :-( 

I guess maybe it's because now we are married and where we are it's really just the two of us and a few really great friends. But most of the time it's just us ... no family around and none of our friends from forever. Just the new ones we made since we moved here. Anyways so I guess since we've spent the last year alone together we've grown even more attached to each other which I know is a good thing for a married couple but now at times like this it's hard. I don't want to leave him ... I can't go with him ... ooh I hate this situation.

I don't like being sad. I'm a smiley, happy person.. sad doesn't look good on me! :-( 

We'll let me get off here and go spend these last precious hours with my hubby (he's cooking whilst I'm blogging!). I like the Mickey & Minnie photo. 

Love you hun.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Our One Year Wedding Anniversary!

Today, March 29th 2010, makes it one year since my husband and I got married and also this month makes it seven (7) years since we started dating. The past seven years have been really wonderful filled with love, lots of travelling, fun and laughter. Good times with friends and family! 

Okay so back to our one year wedding anniversary. This weekend we went shopping and I got great presents. I started working on our wedding anniversary video on Friday and spent time on it over the weekend but I'm not finished. I will try and complete it today. These things take time especially when I want it to come out perfect but at this point I'll settle for great not fantabulous! To the left is the marrow that we got married under for our Indian wedding - Hindu rights. Isn't it gorgeous? I loved it! Picked out the materials myself but had a great bunch of guys working on it .. they did a great job! Well worth it. 

I want to thank everyone who made our day special one year ago. A lot of work went into having a wedding by the beach on a coconut estate. Also present was a lot of rain but now I just look at it as God's Blessings... lots of blessings! 

Okay the point of me writing this blog today is to celebrate our one year together not the wedding but I am looking at some of our wedding pictures and I am getting sidetracked.

We had a great honeymoon in Switzerland. It really is a beautiful place to visit and I loved relaxing up in the mountains. After one month of marriage we had to relocate to Brazil and the adventure began! Living alone I had to learn to cook – thank goodness my mother-in-law gave me a cookbook as a present. I had my good times... and not so good times when the meal was just barely edible but I have a great husband! I also had to learn to clean.. the worst part – I don’t like cleaning but living by the beach – SEABLAST which I’ve blogged about already – has me cleaning more times than I am guessing is normally necessary. I’ve got the cleaning and washing down as well. So the housewife duties are good to go. Over the past year we’ve made great friends here in Brazil who I am happy we had the opportunity to meet! We celebrated our birthdays here and I am happy we had people to share in our fun... we’ve also gotten darker in this sun. Had to mention that! We’ve had many beach trips and started exercising. I especially like the fact that we got bicycles and go riding together. 

Now I know this is not my best blog post but right now I am distracted because I keep thinking about the video I want to finish so I guess I should go now - I'll just say thank you to my wonderful husband for all the hugs I get on a daily basis, for the good times and for the not so good times as well (like when you leave lot's of pepper spoons lying around on the kitchen counter!). Thank you for always making me laugh and forever trying to please me and make me happy. Thank you for the little adventures now and then and for being willing to try new things - like painting and riding bikes. For the many bus ride adventures which only people who have been on a bus in Brazil will understand! I could go on listing the many things I want to say thank you for but I'll just sum it up and say THANK YOU FOR THE LITTLE THINGS.. those are the things that count the most! Happy one year anniversary hun. 

Love you.

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