Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm very sad

Whilst we were dating my husband (boyfriend at the time) went through several periods when we had to be apart, like when he was doing his masters or when he had to travel for work. These periods spanned from 7 months to sometimes two months or two weeks. We handled these periods apart pretty good. We made sure and spoke everyday even though sometimes it was really expensive. I know now there's Skype etc but sometimes we only get to talk on the go not when one was home at the available time etc.

Now we are going to be apart for an entire month and I am not dealing with this very well... actually neither is he... we are both sad right now because I leave tomorrow and he leaves the next day. I must say I am also not looking forward to that long a** flight as well as the four hour road trip to get to the airport. Yay me :-( 

I guess maybe it's because now we are married and where we are it's really just the two of us and a few really great friends. But most of the time it's just us ... no family around and none of our friends from forever. Just the new ones we made since we moved here. Anyways so I guess since we've spent the last year alone together we've grown even more attached to each other which I know is a good thing for a married couple but now at times like this it's hard. I don't want to leave him ... I can't go with him ... ooh I hate this situation.

I don't like being sad. I'm a smiley, happy person.. sad doesn't look good on me! :-( 

We'll let me get off here and go spend these last precious hours with my hubby (he's cooking whilst I'm blogging!). I like the Mickey & Minnie photo. 

Love you hun.


Andi-n-Rio said...

hang in there! I just moved to Rio 8 months ago, and it can be so tough to adjust and make friends. However, I agree with you. I have realized how much more I appreciate my husband and the fact that he is my best friend.

Leandraluv said...

Hey there... Hope you are enjoying Rio! I am happy we made some really great friends. How is your portuguese? Mine is terrible!

My husband is also my best friend and I am happy for that as well. Keep in touch and let me know how you are enjoying Rio!

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