Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh! My bad!

Ever since I got my kidney stone - Stardust - I decided I'd write a hub for Hubpages based on the information I read about kidney stones. Being a usual procrastinator I only got around to writing the hub yesterday because silly me..I wanted to write the article before World Kidney Day - March 11th. Also, March is National Kidney Month and I thought what a coincidence! I got my kidney stone in the National Kidney Month!

Well I spent some time yesterday writing about Kidney Stones just providing some information on it. Nothing to technical or laced with medical terms. Just some simple notes on Kidney Stones. I was under the impression it was the 10th March and I'd have completed the article in time for World Kidney Day! You know it's only this morning I realized it was the 12th March. I felt absolutely silly but oh well. These things happen right? Oh and today is my best friend birthday and also it is 7 years since my now husband and I started dating!

So go read up on kidney stones. This morning I wrote another article on Earn Money Online on WebAnswers through Google Adsense. If you are interested in earning money online you can check it out.
I am loving using WebAnswers. I earn a little revenue and I have lots of fun! Oh and while you are on hubpages checking out my articles check out the one on Adjectives please!!!

Well I have to go now. Have a great day!

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