Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Beginning of my BLOGGING


I only realized today that I had a blogger account which I signed up in 2008 but never used. So I am about to change that. I decided I'm going to start blogging from today! What am I going to blog about? Oh... I don't know - just about life's moments .. like what I did today, place's I've traveled to and loved. I'd share photographs with you if you like and maybe I'll even post current events that are of interest. I am not too sure yet how this blog is going to turn out but I promise to try and make it fun and interesting to read :-) 

Okay, now I need to go fix the layout of my blog and make sure its pretty!

Talk to you soon. 


Marcille said...

So i guess i am your first blog comment :) yay me!!
I'm glad u have started a blog to enlighten us about what the charmed life of a brazilian housewife entails... You could have easily started a blog about married sex and gotten way more hits and ad money, but hey, life is life and i bet the thought never crossed your mind. I could offer insight because i do behavioral science and human sexuality is one of my strong areas. That was not a joke nor a point to insert a dirty comment. I am going to request a topic for your next blog and that is: "divorce rates of 50% myth or reality" hint hint- it's kind of not really, but u'd find the research very pleasant and have nice things to report to your other married people :)

Leandraluv said...

Okay Madam Marcille, thanks for the comment :-) and visiting my blog!!!
Oh and thanks for the HOMEWORK... I'll let you know once I read up on it tomorrow.. but right now is late here and I'm off to ........... :-)

candy said...

OMG! U Blogging!!! How cool, this is exactly what you need to do with your time instead of stalking people on facebook!LOL.

About this 50% divorce thing, i simply say 'you think live it!"

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