Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Some time ago I added a feature to my blog page - FeedJit and it shows me which countries my blog visitors are coming from on a daily basis. Now, I don't think that my blog gets a lot of site traffic and it definitely doesn't get visitors that click on the google ads so I am assuming that the people who visit my blog either come to check it out for the first time or for the regulars - they like to come and read what I am writing. This makes me very happy! I've give up on the idea of my blog being an earner for me with google adsense and even amazon (I've never gotten not even one click with amazon) but I've come to love blogging. I really do enjoy it and one day a friend told me he think's he has to go to rehab and I was like what? Why? What happened... and he said, "I'm addicted to your blog". Now that mean the world to me and I will continue to write on my blog even if it means I only have one person who keeps coming back to read what I am writing. Thank you for that. 

Now I did a little something using the information from Feedjit and I the map that is generate and I used my scrapbooking/photo editing program to fix it up a bit, so that I can share with you. I am so happy to have people from all over the world visiting my blog. Today alone I had visitors from all over the United States, some from Trinidad and Tobago (thanks guys!), Brazil, United Kingdom, India, Australia, South Korea, Ireland, Pakistan, Barbados, France, Nigeria, New Zealand, the European Union and Bangladesh. Now this makes me so unbelievably happy. Even though it might just be one person from here and there - it means the world to me! And it's not like I am making money off of my blog - it's just an incredible feeling to know that people from all over the world are visiting for a moment. I consider that one of Life's Moments! So a heartfelt thank you is in order. Thank you all :-) 

Look at the map! 

I know it's a bit fuzzy but I hope you guys get the general idea. Okay so the map is small but what you can do is click on it and it will enlarge and you'd get to see all the flags and countries!

Have a great day! Oh and one other thing - I love to read comments so you can either comment on a posting or leave a comment on the box to the right! Scroll you'll see it!! I would love to hear from you guys :-) Please?

Isn't this world a wonderful place? And the internet - a powerful tool?

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