Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tiger Woods to return to golf at Masters - CNN.com

Tiger Woods will be returning to Golf at Masters - so says CNN! Yippie!

Okay so sex has gotten a lot of people in trouble in the past. And then it happened to Tiger Woods! Oh no! Well guys I am happy to hear that Tiger will be returning to golf in April. Okay so he had affairs and what not. I am not condoning what he did, I just think it was none of my business and I found the public to be very judgmental. Okay, so Tiger did 'screw' up big time - no pun intended, but is it really any of our business to slander his reputation to the point that he quits his career? No!

He is a talented golf player and his personal screw ups (gosh I keep using that word!) should not prevent him from doing what he does best - no people.. not have sex but play Golf!!

Anyways golf superstar Tiger Woods, according to CNN will make his return to the sport in April at the Masters Tournament. This is after he was sidelined by the sordid sex scandal stuff. Tiger made this announcing of his eminent return to golf on Tuesday 16th March, 2010 - oh there I go again - that's today people!

I don't want to plagiarize CNN's article so go check it out yourself! 
Tiger Woods to return to golf at Masters - CNN.com

Have a great day people - no Screw ups k? :-)
Just Kidding,
Luv Lee

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Marcille said...

Thanks for talking some sense on this matter. Please go watch the newest south park episode with tiger woods.... it's perfect

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