Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hey Guys, 

Thank goodness the comments thing looks like it is now fixed.. So POST AWAY :-) I missed having comments and being able to comment - that is - if I even had visitors to my blog!! I don't know! 

Well I fixed this problem by doing so many things that I am not sure what worked exactly. I tested it by commenting using Internet Explorer and that worked so I am guessing it had to do with Google Chrome. 

Anyways, just in case others out there are experiencing the same problems this is what I did: 

1) In my Layout Tab - under Edit HTML - I clicked on the button at the bottom "Revert widget templates to default

2) I used my CC cleaner to clear out my cookies on Google Chrome. 

3) If you don't use CC Cleaner you can simply to go the Tools button at the top of Google Chrome, then Options, Under the Hood, Privacy settings - show cookies and website permissions - and then clear your cookies from there :-) Hope this helps!!

4) I also changed some coding in my edit html the other day and I reverted to the original coding to try and fix this problem. However, I think by doing number 1 above, that would also have fixed my coding issue!!

Okay guys so that's it!!! COMMENT AWAY... Please??? :-) Okay PRETTY Please?? 



1 comment:

Leandraluv said...

okay, Just checking!! Yep it's working! Oh Happy Day!

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