Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Day - Romantic Songs and Gift Ideas!

Okay guys so Valentines Day is fast approaching and I decided to share some songs that I find are very romantic. Check out Top 10 Romantic Songs for Valentines and please do enjoy. I included links to the youtube videos for your viewing and listening pleasure as well as links to the lyrics so you can sing along :-) Come on now.. don't do like you don't sing along to songs you listen to! We all do it.. even though some of us (yes me!) can't carry a tune for anything! Oh well.. what can you do?

So guys, enjoy your valentines day 2010 and may I suggest - this year .. instead of buying a card for your loved one.. why not make your own via digital scrapbooking? I'm just saying! It's an option. Also, if you still don't know what to get your Valentines, here are 10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas which are affordable and for just about anyone in your life.

Okay I gotta go get to my English course or else the hubby is going to be like "You slacker! You now start and already you distracted" Oops my bad :-)

Luv Ya

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