Friday, September 10, 2010

New "Job"

Everyone kept saying... so how are you enjoying Brasil? What do you do all day? Are you going to work over there? Why don't you look for a job? .... and also stuff like "It's good to get out of the house" "It will keep you occupied" etc. Mind you I was perfectly happy at home doing my own thing, only venturing out into the sun when I wanted to and I was happy like pappy. But needless to say I decided to get off my ass and find something that might be a bit more constructive than my usual daily activities that I grew to love. So I found something and well things over here tend to take a while to organize and get going so after a few months (which I did not mind) I finally started my new "job" on Wednesday. 

So I think I would enjoy my new responsibilities even though I am a bit nervous about it. And based on the last two days - when I go home I am absolutely tired ... so no more time for my internet activities that I enjoy so much - webanswers, hubpages and even my horrible attempts at blogging. I guess once I get accustomed I can start back doing bit by for the last two days - first day I went home with a headache....something to do with noisy kids and then the next day I reached home after 8pm! Hard worker right? :-) 

So today I'm heading home normal time, hopefully minus the headache, but I have lots to do this weekend including all the housework I've ignored this week and cleaning out the fridge, taking the time to cook a decent meal and oh yeah planning lessons for the upcoming week of 'work'. So there you go blog readers out there - I've definitely found something to fill my time!! :-( Let's hope I enjoy it - so far so good! Okay so enough with the questions that I mentioned above cause if anyone asks me anything like that again I'm going to have a mouthful of things to say :-) So BEWARE!!!! 

Have a great weekend guys.


Mary said...

I didn't realize you had already started - ahhh - yes, no doubt it is exhausting; especially in the beginning. Plus, teaching is so H-a-r-d! You have to be 'ON' the whole day. I hope you'll have time to keep up your blog - I love reading Leandraluv..Life Moments & you have so much more to say.

Leandraluv said...

Yep I did ... well only three days ago but from Monday I'm on my own so I'm really very nervous about that. Oh Mary you are very sweet - I'll try and keep up the blogging but I seriously didn't think I had any readers :-)

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