Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Sky's the Limit

My last post was a couple of weeks ago and for that I once again apologize! I know soon you guys will be like damn this girl only posts on her blog now and then! Well I am really busy now .... I'm teaching now and I'm loving it! So when I come home I only have time to do some house work and then relax etc. I have not been on webanswers in ages and my google adsense earnings are starting to be affected. Even my facebook profile is suffering! Can't remember the last time I played that Family Feud game I was so addicted to and ask for Scrapbooking and uploading photos .... my, my, my! I did start working on a movie with pictures from the Houston Zoo and Sea Aquarium which I visited in July 2010 and well I love scrapbooking and making movies using Windows Movie Maker. I have a video on facebook that I worked on and got some great comments.

So tv series season is back! Yep that means I get to enjoy Dexter that awesome serial killer, Simon Baker in the Mentalist, White Collar (only because it's okay and I like Neal Caffery and Mozzie), How I Met Your Mother and my absolute favourite - Gossip Girl! It's on this season of gossip girl that I heard Jason's Derulo song "The Sky's the Limit" and liked it.... You can check it out below but I could not find a good video on youtube of it. But it's a cool song nonetheless. Anyways so I'm happy CHUCK BASS is back!! Can't wait to see episode 3 which I am getting at this moment cause in Brasil doesn't play as the same time as the USA. So I'm late .. but no spoilers please people :-) 

Well I hope all is well with the world. I saw recently that the Eiffel Tower had to be evacuated. Just in case you didn't know - I love Paris and I one day hope my husband gets sent there for work so I can live there! Anyways when I read that article on I was like OH NO! What about those people who are visiting the Eiffel Tower for the first time and have to leave Paris the next day so that's there last chance...very unfair.. oh and also the fact that a bomb scare is a scary thing off course. 

Okay so right now I am reading Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird" which I have my English class reading and so far it's going good but I think it's taking it's merry old time to talk about the trial etc. I know it's a classic book and you guys out there most likely read it so feel free to share your thoughts on the book with me. I also have my class watching the movie on it as well but only after they've read the book! 

Well have a great day WORLD!


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