Monday, December 6, 2010

Billy Blanks - Fat Blasting Cardio

Christmas is around the corner and I have been trying to lose weight. I don't have my usual buddy to go walking with me so I had to look for an alternative... which ended up being an old dvd I had with Billy Blanks - Fat Blasting Cardio. It's a 45 minute workout which is really good... I am sweating like a pig and I did not even make it to the end .. I usually do it for 40 minutes and the last 5 minutes I sit on the couch and look at them finish up! Right now I just finished and have sweating just rolling down my face ... feels like I am outside in the rain.

Anyways so just wanted to say if any of you gals and guys too want to lose some weight ... try Billy Blanks... it's a fun workout but it's pretty old so I am sure you up-to-date guys have better workouts... this just happens to be one I enjoy and actually make the effort to do. 

Okay shower time!


heymcs said...

Lol- too funny, Lee. I totally remember Billy Blanks - isn't that the maniacal boxing guy? Those tapes are killer. Go for it!

Leandraluv said...

Hey Mary

hahaha yep it is .. but it's not soo bad :-) Thanks! I lazy too bad u know!

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