Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm bad at time management!

I got up this morning with so many plans running through my mind... so many things I have to get done today! And look at the time - its 2:15pm and I don't think I accomplished more than 2 of the many tasks that were swimming around in my head waiting to be accomplished! To tell you how late I am these days.. I am now going to post our most recent attempt at Art once more! But before I get there.. let me promise that I will be writing on Rio Carnaval with photos and videos too .. but give me some time k? It doesn't help that I have a hubby.. who - once he's at home - requires my undivided attention!! :-) So in that time - no blogging, webanswers or hubpages for me!!! Only the chance to check my email here and there and PEEK at facebook!!

Now let me share what's going on upstairs.. things I have to do! About 3 weeks ago I joined a website for free - that is supposed to help me lose weight etc by making available a vast amount of resources all for free! Well in my usual procrastinating way - I signed up, did not finish completing my profile, and started getting emails after emails which useful information - but did I read any? NOPE! Instead, whilst I am continuing to gain weight.. yes people.. I love food, I am simply labeling the email as Sparkpeople in gmail and then marking as read! So today.. I plan to revisit all these emails and start reading from the beginning! Don't worry.. if I come across stuff that's really great - I'll share it with you. Okay so that should take up a good few hours of my day today. Also, I have to try and write a hub soon for hubpages, and spend at least one hour on webanswers. Oh and more importantly I have two units to read and two assignments to do for my TESOL course and I need to put in some learning Portuguese time in there! So many things.. so little time.. oh and since I am a housewife after all - I have to make something for dinner and do the usual washing, cooking and cleaning in between! See .. my time management is horrible! HELP!! :-) I welcome any suggestions.. maybe you can help me plan my days!! I don't mind.....

Right, now back on track. These are photos of the paintings we did last week. I did the one with the flowers and my hubby did the one with the man fishing... He tried to show the sea, waves, rocks, sand and boardwalk but ended up rushing so it did not come out like originally planned!

As you can see - I think my turned out better  this time unlike my previous disastrous attempt :-) I think! Please take notice of the blue sunga (what we call a Speedo) that the Brazilian man is wearing whilst fishing - this is very common here in Brazil! Hope these made you smile :-)

Till my next post,
Have a wonderful day!

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