Saturday, February 20, 2010

What do Housewives do?

Okay so I decided to write a hub for hubpages on Housewife - What do housewives do? to help answer those out there who are wondering - what do you do all day? Aren't you bored? Besides cooking.. what else do you do? Well take a read of my article and you'd get a pretty good idea of what I am doing with my life at the moment :-)

Also, I have friend who (I won't call names) is also a housewife and we are in constant communication and let me just say - she deserves some kind of HOUSEWIFE award or something! She has two boys and I think she is a super mom! Besides doing the normal cooking, cleaning and washing on a daily basis - she also has to coordinate her two boys activities and boy are these boys active! Swimming, cricket and many other activities has the housewife/mother running around all day long. I admire her! And she does it all with a smile and is rightfully proud of her kiddies. You know who you are :-)

K I'm off to bed now. It's very late. Have a good night and I hope you enjoy my article.
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