Thursday, March 4, 2010

Me and my Kidney Stone - STARDUST

Hey guys,

Sorry I did not update my blog in a few days. Yesterday I had quite an adventure.. I was home minding my own business when I started getting really bad pains around my right kidney area. Well I immediately thought that maybe my appendix was going to burst or something and when the pain did not subside after about an hour my hubby and his friend came and took me and my crying self to the doctor. Long story short - turns out I have a kidney stone.. who I decided to name "Stardust" in the hopes that it disintegrates and becomes just that.... dust! Plus that's my favorite movie :-)

Well today I am going to spend my afternoon reading up all about the Kidney stone and what not to do .. I've already gotten lots of advice on facebook about drinking plenty of water so I went this morning and bought bottled water like crazy and my hubby already started buffing me about not drinking any so far.. he even made me drink a glass in front of him before I ate lunch. His threat is now - okay you don't bother to drink the water if you don't want to .. you want to go do Surgery .. is that it? :-) So cute.. I am not going to go do surgery.. I am afraid of all things medical ... like when I was on drips yesterday and the nurse had to take blood .. I screamed one time and the other I made bad facial expressions.. so no! no! surgery is not an option .. so WATER IT IS :-)

We'll let me go start reading up on the wonderful world of my kidney stone, Stardust, and let's see what happens!

UPDATE: Okay here's an article I wrote based on the information I read about Kidney Stones!

Have a great day world!


Leandraluv said...

Ian...I'm waiting to read your delightful comments :-)

ian said...

Lee, great to hear you are doing well. Yes water is not only good for you but also tell your Hubby he need to be supportive and drink a lot of water too..hehe. Anyhow I do enjoy reading your blog, aslo great job on the carnivalthingy. Next hand over the camera to Nivash. :-)

nadie said...

OMG Lee...Stardust! You are too funny!

But thank you sooo much for taking the time to put together all this info…my dad has had Kidney stones a few times as well…he was in immense pain, didn’t realise it’s as bad as labour pains! He’s had at least 2 operations to get rid of them…the last time it was laser surgery to shatter them!

This was very insightful! So, Stardust has had some positive effect! Hope she goes away soon tho!

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