Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Okay guys, 

Good morning!! I returned last night after one month of being on vacation (yeah I know - a housewife on vacation - you better believe it!). So on my one month away I did not really do any blogging, webanswers or even assignments for my TESOL course! I know ... I know... what a slacker. Well my first priority today is to actually get this apartment back to a livable state which means I already have a load of clothes washing and now I have to start cleaning.. oh happy day! I wish I knew someone around here who I could hire at least just for today. I much rather unpack my suitcase and see what goodies I bought on my trip but such is life. Also we have to stock up our bare kitchen... so that means grocery shopping. 

Well I hope to get back to blogging soon now that I am once more by myself in Brazil. I just need to sort through the 531 emails in my inbox and then I will take it from there. Have a great day today guys.. and drop me a line sometime. 

Luv Lee

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