Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I know I am very late in writing this and this should have been done last night or first thing this morning but I was having such a wonderful rainy Sunday cuddling up with my hubby and watching romantic movies that I neglected to come online and wish all the great mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day! 

I hope all of you guys who are lucky to be with their moms on this special day did something (be it a small or grand gesture) to show your mom that you love her. I know not everyone in the world has a good relationship with their moms, some might not even know their moms but remember a mother is not only the person who gave birth to you but someone who played a big part in your upbringing. I know I have lots of aunts who took part in my upbringing and actually the person who played the biggest role in bringing me up was my Uncle ... so I guess you could say he played both a mother and a father role! So Happy Mother's Day to my dear uncle as well who's not answering his phone at them moment :-)

Okay guys back to my lazy wonderful Sunday!

Have a great week this week. 


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