Monday, June 7, 2010

Inspirational People

Do you meet any inspirational people in your lives? A friend of mine is presently living thousands of miles away from home (just like I am) but she's lucky to meet so many different people in her life that I think are very uplifting and inspirational. You know the ones that have life experience, are older than we are and have so much to teach you. I am envious that she is able to meet such people but I also think it has a lot to do with her attitude towards life. I wonder if some of us meet people like that on a regular basis but might not realize that we are coming into contact with people who definitely can make an impression on our lives, just because of our attitude towards the world.

I think that my friend is able to embrace the life experiences that are presently coming her way because she is simply open to them. Being open minded and embracing of what life passes your way - she's able to learn from others, make certain changes in her life and is now living her life in a way that is totally satisfying, fun loving and is in a way food for her soul. I do hope that she continues to see the good in life and is able to learn life lessons that you won't find on youtube or facebook but from real live people who've lived it. 

I meet young people on a regular basis and that's great but I would not mind meeting people who can have such an impact on me that I too can have a better outlook on life, learn more and absorb the good vibes. When I was in University I considered one of my lecturers to be sort of like a mentor to me - and I learnt a lot from her. Growing up I always had my uncle to teach me the simple and important lessons in life and for that I am eternally grateful. I do hope that where ever my journey continues in life that I too can also meet people who will have such an impact. 

I know we can sometimes get busy and caught up in our daily lives but I do hope that some, if not all of you out there, take the time to listen to your elders, you know - the same old people that you might not bother to make time for because common .... what can an oldie tell me that would make a difference - PLENTY! 

On webanswers I've seen questions where people want to know why old people are so annoying or why their grandparents are this and that and it's sad to know that people out there don't appreciate what others have gone through, what they can teach you and the stories that can go untold! 

This was just a thought that ran through my mind since this morning when I received an email from my friend telling me about someone who in my mind had a positive and great impact on her, just from him telling her about his life experiences, the importance of family and his ability to make a life altering decision that is mind blowing! Thanks for the email my friend :-) Keep 'em coming. 

Well good night to you all. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and good luck this week - make it a nice one and if you happen to encounter an older and wise person - take the opportunity to sit and talk with them .. you might be surprised what you can learn from just one conversation. 

Nightie night. 
Luv Lee


nadie said...

Ohh that friend of yours sounds positively lovely ;p

I love the oldies! I especially love when they get all excited to talk about how it used to be “long time”!

It's true that we all have to learn from our own mistakes or life experiences etc…its just funny when we look back after the fact, what our elders told us come to pass!

**we reluctantly admit** they were usually right!

Leandraluv said...

Oh Nadie.. believe me .. that friend is definitely one of a kind! "positively lovely" :-) We've had our rough patches throughout our friendship but have managed to survive .. thankfully!

Yes... reluctantly admit! I wish I could call your dad and tell him.. and mom too - they were right all along :-)

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