Friday, June 11, 2010

Sucky Mood

So today was eventful, well on television at least - the first two 2010 FIFA World Cup matches - both ending with the sides drawing 1-1 and 0-0 so not soo exciting but I'm happy for the teams nonetheless. Then why am I in a sucky mood? I think I am feeling a little closed in today. Usually I am fine! I do my assignments, I watch television, I check my email a million times, answer questions on webanswers, check my google adsense earnings every ten minutes and I even changed the template on my blog today. So it's not like I don't have stuff to keep me occupied... but I think today I was just restless. I should have spent the day in the mall... sightseeing :-) I think I'll do that next week.. instead of just hanging out in the hotel room all day. I know I have my assignments (which I am regretting now) but I think I need to just get out for a little bit. Tomorrow I am going out with a friend and my hubby too so that's good. 

Have a great weekend and hope you guys enjoy all the football action! 


nadie said...

Hey Lee..Will you guys be in Brazil at all during the World Cup?? The athmosphere there must be tremendous! Especially if Brazil makes it through!

I've never before seen so much national pride in the UK..gona watch USA vs England today!

Have fun if you guys watching it in the US today!

Leandraluv said...

Hey Nadie,

Would you believe that we leave here on the 10th and the world cup finishes on the 11th but you know to get to Brazil and our apartment takes two days travelling so we will be flying and MISSING all the excitment of the last two days :-( Nivash is excited about the Argentina match so we are going to watch that one which is starting in a little bit. The USA one we would like to watch but I wanted to go out and Saeeda is taking us out. I'm sure we'll catch it somewhere along the way!!!

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