Saturday, August 14, 2010

Anyone else addicted to Facebook Family Feud?

When facebook first started with all the games - like Farmville and build your garden and I'm seeing Frontierville etc I ignored it all.. stayed far away from them. I thought they were all a waste of time and well really not every interesting. Maybe I was too judgement... especially since I did not bother to even try any of them... until I saw Family Feud. Oh gosh. I curse the day I started playing that. Now I am addicted to it .. oh wait before I go into that I have to admit I started of being addicted to the facebook texas holdem poker game. That's where it started and for months I played poker on facebook. I love playing cards and poker is one of those games I enjoy tremendously. Then that fizzled out and I eventually just forgot all about it. 

Now I'm on to Family Feud. I know, just like facebook poker, this too is just a passing phase but gosh - I think it's taking to long to past as far as I am concerned. It's time consuming. I should be spending this time writing a hub for hubpages or answering questions on webanswers, earning my online money with google adsense instead of playing silly Family Feud but I can't help it. Now I am at a stage where I bought all the prizes I could for a particular stage and the remaining prizes have to be won for me to advance to a next level where I get to earn more free episodes. Mind you, I won't ever get so addicted or desperate that I will pay for any of the episodes. Just so you know. Anyways so I am patiently (not so patient actually) waiting to win this last Greek God prize so that I can redeem my close to 100,000 points (yay me!) for prizes in level three. 

Just thought I'd share that with you guys. So is there anyone else out there that's addicted to this facebook application? Damn facebook!

Have a good night folks. 



Mary said...

No, I'm trying to stay out of the games - because I am already time-crunched. I was helping people with Farmville but I don't even know what it is and now I want out!

Leandraluv said...

Hahaha hey Mary - I stayed away from the Farmwille stuff. I don't understand that one either but family feud I love. You did the right thing - stay away! Plus I know the frugal buzz is time consuming. I enjoyed your last article on there. It was very well written....and funny too! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Any luck with the greek god? I have been waiting for it for over a month and I have over 300,000 points just sitting there!

Leandraluv said...

Oh I know! I was having the same problems and after like 170,000 (or around there) then I got it.. and I got it before I even played an episode even though all the time I kept playing the one, one games I was getting per day plus finishing lots of fast money ones for friends just to win that stupid prize. I hope you get it soon... I used my points to buy out everything in Stage 3 already except off course the win only ones which sucks! Good luck!

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