Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Leading Questions

Again, I'm sorry I am so bad at this blogging. I just emailed an assignment to my tutor for that TESOL course I keep rambling about. It's been a while since I worked on an assignment and I got an extension. True Trini style I am late with completing the course but I blame it on the travelling I do :-) I mean when I go home to visit I can't be expected to spend time doing assignments... not when there are family and friends to hang out with and delicious food to be eaten... yup doubles, curry duck, dhal and rice, macaroni and yummy Chinese food! 

Okay so now I am back to boring Brasil so I have time to spend doing my assignments. You know it takes a while to get started but once I do I will get back into the swing of things. Plus I am dying to start working on a video with lots of animals from when I visited the Houston Zoo and the Sea Aquarium in June/July! I already have songs to use in the video and I'll get to do some scrapbooking.

So the title of this blog post is leading questions. I am not sure if that is the correct term but I am referring to questions that the "asker" knows the answer to but the response is one that might hurt his/her feelings and yet they ask it anyways. What kind of thing is that? I observed this happening over the last few months but I never got down to writing about it. 
Let me see if I can give some examples. "I am getting the feeling you don't want to go, do you mind going?" What do you say to that. No I don't want to go and yes I mind? Yeah right! Uuum oh gosh I had really good examples before but now I can't seem to remember them. 

Anyways I will update this blog post if it is I remember some more. So folks out there, I don't think this type of questioning is fair and I think that you should keep in mind when asking people questions whether 1) You really want the honest to God truth (so as not to put the person in a situation where he/she has to lie) and 2) If you know the answer already ... stop wasting precious time asking silly questions! Just let it go and move on! 

Okay so there you go. I am sure I have confused many of you and I am being kind of cryptic but it's best to write this way and avoid trouble later :-) 

I'm back!

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