Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fulfilling a request made by a friend....

Okay so the name of my blog is after all "Leandraluv ... Life's Moments" so I guess you can expect that I will write all about my life.. my daily activities and what not. Well I did not get the time to post anything significant on my blog this weekend and I had a horrible experience with my computer yesterday. I received a comment from a good friend who apparently likes my blog :-) (thanks) and who checked it only to find an album with some nature pics. This would not do/cut it, I was told. So here I am .. ready to give a recap of my weekend. 

This weekend in Macae was an uneventful one. My husband had to end up working on Saturday which pretty much left me with time to be on my computer so I ended up spending most of the day on my new favorite website (and NOPE it's not facebook) .. it's where I pretty much spend my time answering questions about lots of different things and I ask some questions too. I am learning little things here and there like for instance President JFK was the 35th President of th USA and was the youngest to die .. killed only after about 1000 days of being in office! I also read up on the Greek Goddess of War - Athena and uuum what else did I learn... oh yeah Starbucks and McDonalds do do charity work, the Olive is a fruit and that there are some cool names starting with the letter "Q". 

Okay so enough about my favorite website. I actually joined that site because I can earn money from answering questions if my answer is good and gets awarded. You can earn money via GoogleAdsense. I figured.. if I am going to waste time online.. why not do something that I can earn a little money with.. instead of spending all day on facebook! Mine you .. it's not much... pennies on some days but I feel like I've accomplished something!! I know you must be laughing at me by now. Maybe I miss working. Who knows? I know I did enjoy my last really good job with excellent pay and travelling opportunities. Now?? Well today I earned 0.08cents US and I was jumping up and down telling my husband about it when he came home for lunch! Imagine that!!! 

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah.. it was on this site that I found out about having your own blog and earning money from blogging as well. So I decided to join only to realize that I had an account which I signed up 2 years ago and never did a single thing with it. So I fixed it up and well I am actually enjoying it now!

Okay so back to my weekend. Well Saturday night we looked at TV .. didn't feel like doing anything much and on Sunday we just went to the grocery, decided to make chicken lasagna which we did together and then watched Harry Potter 2. It was our first time making lasagna so we were happy with it .. came out good actually! That evening we had two visitors ... I'll call them "the A twin bikers" and we shared some laughs. Oh wait I forgot to mentioned we bathe in the sea sometime in between there and spent some time walking. That's about it! Definitely not an exciting weekend. But we did make some plans for next weekend and sometime soon to visit an island via a boat that's not far from here and to go to Rio to see some of the sights! 

So that's my blog update for today. Hope you like it. Oh and Marcille, with reference to your question on marriage - I am a newlywed so I can't go giving advice just yet but I do think that your marriage will only survive based on the experiences that you share and the 'work' that you put in. Let me make a year first (which is pretty soon) and then I'll see what else I have to say on this topic :-) 

Enjoy your day!

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