Saturday, January 30, 2010

My new CALOI bicycle

Okay guys, 

Well it is getting late here and I am getting a bit tired but I just wanted to post a little something about my day.

This morning my husband and I went to the centro and guess what? He bought me a new bicycle - CALOI which is well known in Brazil. I absolutely love it! We also got some extra paint brushes and paint for when next we decide to pursue of finding our talent as 'artists' ... it's hidden.. very far within :-) 

Well he had to end up going to work so I came home and when my bike was delivered a friend came over and we went riding. I was scared because the last time I rode a bicycle I was around 10 or 11. So my friend - Ana Licia - went along and she's really nice - she was patient and told me all about my new CALOI bike... what to do and what not to do! Thanks Ana!

I was a little sad I did not get to share my first riding experience on my new bike with my husband but I know he wanted me to go and try it out. Well the rest my day was fun to - went to the mall with friends and now I am here .. ready to go to bed! 

I'll post pics of my bike another day! Just wanted to share my good news! 
Good night 

Oh wait - go take a look at the moon. It's absolutely magnificent tonight.. Really big (full moon) and bright! 

Breathtaking really.. go have a look. 



Nari. said...

I am buying a bike tomorrow for 500USD. I am not sure if they're robbing me...but I'm happy :)


Nari said...

You know why the moon is bright??
Because the rays of the sun that reflect of it are strong :)

Did you know :

The moon does not generate its own light. It just reflects light off the Sun.


Leandraluv said...

Okay Nari.. finally I got this thing back up and running.. after you posted your comments something happened on my end and NO more commenting on the blog. But I fixed the problem .. thank feel free to comment away!!

This is what I was trying to say to you in response to your comments a while back:

Yep I know what you mean. We did not know if we were getting robbed either but it didn't cost as much as your own! I think u should get it regardless.. since it will make you happy! Look what we resort to nah... being happy about bikes.. not cars!!

Thanks for the insight on the moon. I found it was so beautiful last night.

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