Thursday, January 28, 2010

My latest ONLINE Addiction :-)

Good Morning World, 

Hope all is well wherever you are! Today I decided I'll share a little bit about my newest online addiction 
which I mentioned already in my last post. 

I am sure we can all remember the days of ICQ and then MSN Messenger which was all we did back then - chat all the time! This world wide web - its a wonderful thing (when used for good and not evil). Well after that came Hi5 and then the best of all that is still going strong -! I am one who is not ashamed to admit - I am or should I say .. was addicted to FB! I would spend hours checking my facebook page and then checking out my friends pages - basically 'minding their business' :-) that's the reason most people use it right?

Well now, I've moved on to something called webanswers - at! Somehow, after spending hours on this site I don't feel as though I've wasted half my day like I feel when I use facebook. I use webanswers to respond to questions people post and I've even asked a few myself. It is a good site to learn from others, their experiences and just tidbits of information. Also, you learn a lot just answering questions, like I've mentioned in my last posting about Olives and President JFK! 

So to all my facebook friends - if you are wondering where the heck I've disappeared to - now you know! I'm still online but just elsewhere now! Oh and today I found a great website by being on webanswers, which I will speak more about later. It's where there is a great listing of blogs of all kinds and so much more. But more on that later. Right now I have to go do my housewife duties and tidy up, cook lunch and then I'll be back :-) 

OMG before I go - yesterday I went to do my eyebrows and the lady took out most of the little bit I had to begin with! Me and my poor Portuguese! All I usually do is point to my eyebrows, smile and give the thumbs up and hope they get waxed properly. Yesterday I made the mistake of going by a different place from the one I usually go to and not only was it more expensive...I came back with a lot less eyebrows than I went in with! 

Well enjoy your day and thanks for visiting my blog. I think my next topic will be about the Apple IPad.. I'm loving what I'm seeing so far..!!!

Bye! Bye!


Marcille said...

I want an ipad soooo bad... it's going to be beyond amazing... You can do charts and stuff on them and all your forms are sent in and filed before u even leave the patient room.. it's going to be amazing...I can only imagine all the other cool things that you can do with it.. it's not that big and it's not even that expensive, between you and i, i think it may very well revolutionize the world... or my world at the very least.. check me back and let me know what the general worldwide concensus is on it!!

Marcille said...

also a question... if i click on the little amazon thingies by your blog entries does that count as clicking on ads?? are those ads?

Leandraluv said...

Hey yeah it does count but for something else. The better thing is the one that says Ads by Google.

K i will look into the Apple Ipad :-)

You'll get me excited about it!

Did you see my post 'fulfilling a request of a friend' - that was for u

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