Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup

Hello World, 

I am sorry I have not had the time to blog this week. I know you are probably saying to yourself, "What you mean you don't have time - you don't work!" Well you are wrong! This earning money online business is time consuming! Also I have my TESOL course and my last assignment was really hard - I'm serious! Today I've been reading things that I kept putting off for so long. Right now I am thinking of doing a movie with pictures of my husband and me and our friends, showing our relationship over the last 7 years as a token of our one year wedding anniversary in a few days. I'm still thinking about it and spent some time sorting through the millions of photos I have on my computer from 2003 to now but it takes time and I don't know if I should forget about it or spend the time and just do it. What do you think? 

Anyways so last week a friend of mine shared a video on facebook of Akon's song "Oh Africa" and I ended up really liking it and listening to it all of Friday, then on the weekend and to be honest all this week as well. I like it - it's upbeat and makes you want to play football! The 2010 FIFA World Cup is going to be soon in South Africa from the 11th June to the 11th July. I remember when the Soca Warriors made it to the World Cup last time it was hosted. Boy our country was in a festive mood for the entire time even though we did not make it to far - ah heck at least we made it to the World Cup! We celebrated when the Soca Warriors (from Trinidad & Tobago) drew one of the matches. We reacted like we won the whole damn World Cup. Unfortunately T&T is not in the World Cup this year so I decided to back Brazil since I am living in the people's country! I know my husband will choose to back another team - for the competition! It's fun!

Well if you want to hear Akon's song and see Pepsi's cool ad for the upcoming 2010 World Cup you can check it out here. You will also see the video for K'naan song which is also cool! His own is used by Coca Cola! Go figure! They have their own little competition going on as usual. 

Well folks, I hope you enjoy it and also I would love if someone sent me another song for me to obsess over so that I can get Akon out of my head. Before I go, let me share this - my younger brother found that the Pepsi ad was lame because he was expecting to see good football footwork / moves. Nevertheless I enjoyed it! Very creative!

K back to reading! 
Have a great evening.

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