Thursday, March 25, 2010

Visit Copacabana Beach Brazil!

Thinking of visiting Brazil? Want to do the tourist stuff and see what's popular? Then you should definitely visit Copacabana Beach Brazil. The Copacabana area is so much more than just beach. The area is really beautiful and there is lots to see and do. Located in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro (also called the "Zona Sul"), Copacabana is a definite must see place.

Like I said, there's lots to see and do in Copacabana such as:

  • Take a stroll along the wavy pavement ("calçadão" ) with it's famous Portuguese pattern
  • Sun tan on the beach all day - if you can find a good spot and make sure to observe Brazilian life.
  • Walk along Avenida Atlantico (you will see lots of little beach bars and cariocas drinking beers and even dancing the samba!)
  • Go roller skating, jogging or ride a bicycle along Avenida Atlantico
  • You can take part in beach activities like play beach football or volleyball.
  • Why not have lunch in one of the restaurants under tents on the sidewalk or inside .. I prefer outside! So much to see! Like the beautiful women in their tiny bikinis
  • Shopping in the tourist markets - we got a lovely bowl here.
  • Make sure and check out the beautiful sand sculptures.
  • If you go for Old Year's Night you are in for a treat - there are millions of people there celebrating and enjoying a spectacular fireworks show! 
Read more about it and see lovely photos of Copacabana, Brazil

Okay guys have a great day!

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