Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Friday People!

I know all you hard working people out there are usually so excited about it being Friday because the weekend is right around the corner. So why is a person who's at home all week excited about it being Friday? Well let me tell you - I get my hubby home for the weekend and this weekend we are going shopping! Yippie! I tend to get so excited to go shopping for clothes - I have to get a dress to wear to a wedding - but when I get to the mall and start trying on a million things I usually lose all the excitement. To me trying on clothes in the mall is just a way of reminding me I'm just to fat! Most times I see parts of my body I didn't know existed .. like that little bit of extra belly/tummy here and there! Gosh help me! 

If I ever find a bottle with a genie in it for sure that will be my first wish - to be the perfect size (whatever the heck that is) and to never be able to get fat again! Losing the weight is such a pain in the ass. And to all of you out there who keep telling me time to have babies.. did you ever think about if I get pregnant now how much bigger I will get and let's face it with my tract record of losing weight (-2 pounds ever so often) can you imagine after I give birth! My goodness! Oooh! 

Anyways so tomorrow I'm going shopping and on Monday is our ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Yay we made it a year.. take that Britney Spears with your sexy body! Sadly after that we will be apart for a month but that's part of this life and I've learnt to make it work. So now I am going to spend some time working on our wedding anniversary video. I love doing these video things. I did one for my uncle to celebrate his life for his 70th Birthday and it came out really really good (Seriously!) but I spent more than one month editing it and tweaking it and making it perfect. Now I don't have that much time.. dammit why did I only think about doing this now.. 3 days before our anniversary? Good going Leandra! 

Anyways let me get back to tidying up and then on to the good stuff. Have a great Friday people, don't drink too much today on your after work limes and have a wicked weekend!

Luv Lee. 


Madama Sebastian said...

Wish you both a very happy Anniversary in Advance...enjoy your shopping...

Madama Sebastian said...

hey here is a link to a blog friend of us living in Brazil

Leandraluv said...

Hey Madama Sebastian thanks so much! I hope I get a dress :-)

Oh great I'll check out the blog. Thanks for the link!

Isha Shiri said...


'Madama Sebastian' enviou me seu link para conhecer seu Blog.

Acho legal dizer o que pensa e mostrar lugares do Brasil.

Desejo a Paz e felicidade.

Leandraluv said...

Hey Isha sorry I am now responding. It's great to meet you! I will definitely check out your blog. Thanks for becoming a follower on mine. Keep in touch! Lee

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