Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Assignment completed!

Okay so finally I completed the assignment I was working on and just wanted to share this with you...

I love 

"No wearing weird clothes"
"No dumb questions"
"No looking at the clock"
"No smart-alecky remarks"
"No making stupid faces" hahahaha AND
"No crying during tests"

This is hilarious! 


nadie said...

Wooooppppiiiiiiiieeeeee..just 3,478,755 more to go! Lol..only kidding! Well done you! Looking fwd to listening to you speak in another language  …you can order me my delicious Portuguese peri peri chicken :D

Leandraluv said...

Hahahaha! Woman.. I am doing my course in English .. to teach English.. this has nothing to do with Portuguese but no worries.. if you ever come to visit I'll order you that chicken... my husband can do that for me :-)

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