Monday, May 17, 2010

Week in Rio de Janeiro

So far for the morning I've read to emails - one from my best friend and the other from a close aunt and both said things along the line of my being a "lucky girl" and "living the life" and those sentiments have me thinking - am I really so lucky? I decided that maybe I should look at the silver lining on the cloud right? 

I know I am a lucky girl - I get to travel all over and since I am home I get to do whatever the heck I feel to do. This week in my life I get to spend time in hotel in Rio which means - no cleaning and cooking and no other housework for a week... I CAN'T COMPLAIN. My husband did tell me this morning that he doesn't mind if I was the one going to work every morning and he get's to stay at home ... he swears the apartment would be spotless and I'd get hot meals every day when I get home! I do feel a little bad that every morning he has to go off to work and I'm at home scratching... I asked him if he doesn't want to kill me on a morning when I'm still sleeping...mouth wide open and snoring away whilst he is getting ready for work.. Terrible! I know.. but soon I hope to start doing something productive! Really... I'm being honest :-) 

I got up at 6:30am to go have breakfast with my husband who took off to go to work and I wanted to chat with him before he left for the day. Now I am back in the hotel room and I should be geared to start doing some work - I have lots of little things that keep piling up - my TESOL course, my blogging, webanswers and not to mention tons of emails about different things I keep discovering online and I keep labeling the emails all to read later.... I am a great PROCRASTINATOR .. did I ever mention that? I am the #1 at it - not something I should be boasting about I know! 

Anyways so here I am listening to music - right now I am loving "Hold Yuh" by Gyptian .. I know right? Hahahaha oh well what can I say? I think I'll check out what's going on television and then I'll get started on my TO DO list. I know some might say - why not go out and explore Rio city? Well I've been here before and I got to visit Ipanema and Copacabana and frankly I am a little scared to venture out into the city by myself one because of my pathetic Portuguese and the other - I am afraid of the crime. I don't want to go get myself in any trouble out there! So I think it's best to stay and tackle some of the 'academic' stuff that I need to get done. Somehow when I was in Paris and Madrid I had no problem venturing out by myself... here I am a little more wary.. maybe it has to do with all the security warnings we got when we arrived in this country! 

Well folks, 
I am off to go do something productive and I'll keep you guys updated on my 'doings'. 
Have a great week people!

Luv Lee

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