Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Now getting started

Okay so yesterday passed with a blur ... I ended up spending some lazy time in bed, watching tv then reading my romance novel and checking my emails and even doing some 'work' on webanswers. Then my husband came back and was like - how did your work on the TESOL course come along? "What? Are you serious? Nah man Leandra ... I can't believe you didn't do anything all day!" My response, "Oh leave me alone. I promise tomorrow I'll do it" to which I had to hear - "You know how long you promising that?" :-) 

Okay so we went out for dinner last night and walked around. Our plan to see Iron Man 2 were foiled so tonight the adventure begins... our first time using the metro in Rio!

This morning I got up, had breakfast with the hubby and then got right down to finishing my romance novel - spoiler alert - the guy gets the girl in the end!

So now I have my 'frango pastels' here to devour for lunch (but what is keeping the cleaning lady?). I don't want to start chomping down on lunch to be disturbed whilst she is making up the bed and cleaning the bathroom! So I decided to blog a little bit and kill some time.... but still no cleaning room service. Come on! It's like 11:39am... doesn't she know that I have work to get done?

Okay so since I promised last night and I already got a mid morning call to find out what I'm doing... I WILL DO an assignment today! I was already threatened jokingly of course - no work - no DINNER!! Now you know I am a gal who loves to eat..so threats like that, I have no choice but to take serious! 

Have a great Tuesday people!
Luv Lee

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