Friday, February 26, 2010

Today - My ongoing Blog Post!

I spent all morning thus far catching up on some reading that I had to get done - mainly on hubpages. Not much progress.. gosh reading takes a long time, especially when it's not my favorite romance novel. First I started off by organizing my 'bookmarked' hubs into folders based on their topics and I started reading the ones on time management, article writing and hubpages tips. I must say - I am really loving writing for hubpages.

Now it's twelve o' clock and the kitchen is a mess, the cable shows (which I had running in the background - multitasking people!) are over .. well the good ones at least .. oh and I just realized Felicity Sucks! I don't know why they still showing re-runs of that show.. I mean .. Beverly Hills 90210 from long time ago still rocks but I don't know how I use to watch Felicity long time. I would much rather Dawson's Creek or something. Okay let me not go off topic..

So where was I? Right .. the kitchen being a mess.. and I have some clothes that I could not put in the washing machine soaking that need to be washed now before they lose their color! I'm not cooking today... we ordering food tonight.. yippie! So I guess once I am finished tidying up I'll get back to my reading. I still have to read articles about blogging, weight loss, making money online and oh so much more! K back to work.. I'll let you guys know if I come across anything interesting in my reading that might be of interest to you but right now it all has to do with my task of making money online and article writing.. but I am sure weight loss tips will interest you guys - since everyone thinks they are overweight .. in my skinny friends who all need a good kick in their behind for such thinking!!!

Update 1: So while I am washing the dishes and listening to the song "Sexy Chick" by David Guetta Feat. Akon - "she's nothing like the girl you've every seen before; nothing you can compare to your neighborhood ..." So I don't know but I like this song :-) Anyways so whilst washing the dishes, I'm thinking - Heck why didn't I invent Facebook? Gosh! If only I did.. then I'd be worth US$2 billion and boy oh boy .. the things I could do with that kind of money... don't worry my friends.. I'd buy you guys a great dinner :-) even spring for Lobster! Then I moved on from my thoughts of what I'd do with that kind of money to thinking about now I understand how there are some people out there who exist mainly 'online' and by that I mean - the people they interact with are mainly strangers on the web. And that's the kind of life they lead - socializing behind a computer screen. I can see how the company online can play a major part of your life. I know I look forward to getting comments from strangers (and friends) and I like checking to see if someone has commented on my hub and what this person who I don't know things about what I've written.. Strange but now I understand. That's why when my hubby is home I try not to be constantly online.. I think it gets to him.. he likes human contact and interaction which is a great thing.. thank goodness..

Okay back to work... now I'm listening to a song that was played at the 2010 Winter Olympics - One Day by Matisyahu and it has me also thinking - when will this War ever end? How many more people have to continue to pay the price for the mistakes of a few?

Okay seriously... back to work :-)

Have a great Friday people! And thanks for stopping by!

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